Infinity Aircon split systems


The Infinity midwall split systems come with 2 year warranty on parts and 3 years on the compressor subject to servicing terms and conditions.




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Infinity Elite Non-inverter Midwall split system

Infinity Elite




Infinity Elite Inverter Midwall split system

Infinity Elite


For home and closed office use.

It’s best to have the right size unit for the room you’re cooling  or heating.

Cooling or heating a room with a unit that’s too small will over work the compressor,

shortening the life of your Air Conditioner. Using a unit that it too big would be wasteful.


• Air conditioners using inverter technology give a 30% energy saving compared with conventional fixed-speed compressors.

• The inverter is situated in the outdoor unit. Fixed speed compressors running at 100% capacity stop and start automatically

to maintain the desired temperature; the inverter varies the capacity of the compressor to maintain a consistent temperature.

• The inverter continuously regulates the thermal transfer flow resulting in economical and rapid cooling and heating.

Which size is best for you needs.


9000 btu - ± 16m²
12000 btu - ± 26m²
18000 btu - ± 36m²
32000 btu - ± 46m²




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